Musician... DJ... Live Music & Video Production 

  • PROJECT FUNDING:  Robert has successfully procured the funds for two recording projects.  The more you put into a project, the more you get out of it.  Robert can help you come up with a reasonable goal and walk you through the many steps it takes to get funded.
  • MENTOR:  The musical world can be a crazy place to navigate.  If you need advice on what steps to take from someone who has been around the globe, let's talk.

Other Services

  • WRITING:  Robert Wade can host writing workshops or help you one on one with your next Musical Project.  Robert has his mark on many songs and will bring new insight on old ideas.
  • SONG CRAFT:  Robert Wade will walk you through the basics of making a  working demo that will help you shop your sound to labels and producers.

Outdoor Adventure Video:

Vacation Video:

Video Production

Event Video * Vacation Video * Promotional Video

Robert Wade Productions has the ability to edit, promote and even shoot your video.  Nothing is out of the question.  Here are some examples of videos shot, edited and promoted by Robert Wade Productions:

Live Music Production

Concerts  * Competitions  * PA System Rentals

  • Robert Wade Productions is willing and able to put on a concert for you and your band,  I can help you find a venue, advertise and provide a top notch PA.  I can also provide sound engineering support.
  • Robert Wade Productions is willing to plan, advertise and support a music competition for your venue, school or community.  From concept to completion, Robert Wade will meet with you and come up with the best way to get musicians to participate in your vision and the community to come and see it.  I will also be the sound support for your venue of 100-1500 people.  No need to buy an expensive sound system and worry about how to run it.  I will provide an competition that is sure to get people excited and boost revenue while cultivating the local music community.
  • If all you need is a sound system, my prices and my system is hard to beat.  It is $100 per hour with a minimum of 2 hours and a non refundable deposit of $50.  Being an Live Musician and a DJ means my system can handle any need.

          * 3 QSC K8's - 3000 watts (one can be a monitor)

          * 1 QSC KSub - 1000 watts

          * 1 Allen & Heath ZED 12

          * 2 Sure Beta 58's

          * 2 Sure SM 58's

          * 1 Sure SM 57

          * 2 Direct Boxes

          * All the cables and power cords

  • Please ask about anything more than what you see listed above.  I can provide more subs, lights, monitors, live recording and video recording.  email